Claiming Compensation? Crucial Things You Need To Tell Your Lawyer

`Making a personal claim is quite common these days. If you have an accident, it might be viable for you to make a claim against a business or another party. If, for example, you were at work, you might lodge a complaint against your employer. When you injure yourself, it can affect many areas of your life. From work to your social life, you might find that you struggle after an accident. When you hire a lawyer to help you, you need to give them as much information as possible. Many people are not sure what they should say when they first meet an expert. Sure, it can be intimidating to talk to a professional for the first time in your life. Here are some of the crucial things you must not forget to tell your lawyer.

When, where and how it took place

First, your lawyer will want to know the basic details about the case. You should explain what happened to you, when it happened and where it took place. That way, your lawyer will have a firm understanding of the event so he or she can move things forward. Without this information, your lawyer will not have the right details to start filing the case.


Specific details about the accident

Once you have given your lawyer the basic details, you need to nail down the specifics. Your personal injury claim rests on all the minor details that you need to remember. For example, what do you think caused the accident? Was there anything people could have done to prevent it? What action did you take straight after the event? All this information is relevant so make sure that you don’t leave anything out.

Your health-related history

You will need to go and see your doctor before you see a lawyer. That way, you will have a record of your medical history. The law professional will need to see the record so that they can determine your state before the accident. This aspect of the process allows your lawyer to access what damages you need to seek. Your doctor should have no problem providing you with all the proper information you need. Continue reading

Important Things You Must Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Divorce. It’s not something that is taken lightly. It’s not something that many want to do. But, when the end of the road is apparent, divorce may be the only option. During this sad time, there are some things to consider. After all, legally ending a marriage is not an easy process. While a reputable attorney will strive to make this process as stress-free and painless as possible, there are some important things that you need to consider.

Being prepared is the key to making sure that your divorce goes without a hitch. But, before you go head-first into this decision, you need to make sure that you are armed with the right questions for your divorce lawyer.

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Do You Know My Spouse?

The world is a small place. So, if you are using a local divorce lawyer, it’s imperative that you ask your attorney if they know your spouse. If they do, it may be time to find a new lawyer. After all, they may have vested interests in your spouse. This can cause a conflict of interest. You need to use a lawyer that is impartial and that will work on your behalf.

What is the Quickest Way to Get Divorced?

There are quick ways to get divorced. Your lawyer should advise you of these. The quickest way is to ensure that everyone agrees on what is on the papers and that settlements are agreed to as soon as possible. If there are no disputes about childcare, finances and the reasons why you are divorcing, the process should be relatively straightforward. Disputes, however, will see this process being longer than necessary. Continue reading

8 Tips For Choosing The Best Patent Lawyer

If you have come up with a new invention or idea, then it is essential that you file for a patent application as soon as possible. You may also want to think about hiring a patent specialized attorney to help you.

While you are free to prepare your own patent application (a patent is your right of ownership of an invention), most people choose to hire a patent lawyer to do it for them. These applications can be a little tricky, and unless you are a qualified lawyer, you may find it a struggle to deal with on your own.

Preparing a patent application is a somewhat lengthy process that requires a lot of time and a large amount of research. Plus, it is essential that every section of the application is completed properly, and all the necessary details are included. The main reason many people invest in the help of a lawyer for this is to ensure that their rights of ownership of the idea are properly protected.

If you have decided to hire a specialist patent lawyer to help you, the next thing you need to consider is how you can go about finding the best lawyer. To help you with this, we have put together eight handy tips below:

  1. Location is important

While it is unlikely that you will have a specialist patent law firm across the road, it is important that you choose someone who is located close to where you live or work. Otherwise, scheduling meetings, etc. could be rather difficult.

Of course, with Skype, email and instant messaging, it is possible to deal with a lawyer who is located a little further away. However, it is still important that you live or work close enough that you can meet on a regular basis, to go through all the details, etc.

  1. The amount of time the process will take must be considered

If you have very little spare time and will be unable to be involved in the case past the necessary, it is essential that you choose an experienced attorney. That way, the attorney can deal with the case, and you can get on with your day to day life.

Ideally, if this is the case you need to pick a lawyer who has proven results and is someone who you feel comfortable with and can trust.


  1. Make sure you can afford the costs

Patenting can be an expensive process. However, if you believe in your invention or idea, then it is, of course, worth the money. What it is important to consider, is how much you can afford to spend on the patenting process. For instance, if you only have a certain amount to spend, it might be a good idea to look for a patent attorney who is affordable.

However, it is important to remember, that like with most things, you get what you pay for. If, for example, you pay out for an expensive lawyer, they are more likely to be better qualified and more experienced than a less expensive lawyer.

To ensure that your patent application is being dealt with by an experienced lawyer, it is crucial that you have the adequate funds to support your application. Continue reading

Top Reasons You Might Need An Expert Property Lawyer


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There is every chance that you might need the assistance of an expert property lawyer at some point in the future. There are so many things that can happen when dealing with your home, and we’re going to mention some of them in this post. Just make sure that you always read reviews from previous clients before selecting the perfect professional. You need someone who has a proven track record of success. The last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars on legal representation only to get a negative result. Don’t worry too much if you don’t understand legal jargon because we’re going to explain everything in layman’s terms today.

Purchasing for selling your home

Everyone needs a property lawyer when purchasing or selling a house. Their assistance will help to ensure that all the paperwork is in order and that you are getting a fair deal. You might have to pay for surveys and other assessments to guarantee the property you’re buying is worth the money. A decent property lawyer will help you to get those completed in the fastest time possible. Time is usually of the essence when it comes to buying and selling houses because most people will be involved in a chain. That means the home you want to purchase could go to someone else if you don’t have the right lawyer on your side.

Ownership disputes

When you split up with a partner, there is every chance they might try to make a claim on your property. There is also a high likelihood that they legally own part of it. If that happens to you, a good property lawyer could help to make sure everyone gets a fair deal. People usually leave that job to their family lawyer, but that is a big mistake. Whenever there is an ownership dispute, you might have to attend court to stake your claim. The right legal representative will prepare your case and ensure you get a favorable result.

Eminent domain issues

You’re probably wondering what eminent domain is? Although most people won’t realize this, the government and other authorities have the power to seize your property and use it in any way they wish. That is known as eminent domain. If anyone tried to take your home away in that manner, you would need to seek legal representation fast. Failing to do so could mean your family is left out on the street with nowhere to live. Even water companies can take control of your property if they have a good enough reason.

As you can see, there are many different reasons you might need the help of a property lawyer at some point in your life. It’s best to learn about them in advance so that you know the best course of action when something bad happens. Property lawyers charge a lot of money for their time and expertise, but they could be the only thing standing between you keeping your home and losing it for good. Good luck with that!

How To Protect Yourself When Buying A New Car

Are you looking to purchase a new car this summer? Does the idea of getting a bad deal worry you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Throughout the course of this post, we’re going to highlight the best ways of protecting yourself when buying a new automobile. Of course, there are still lots of things that could go wrong, but our advice should help you to cover all the bases. At the end of the day, nobody wants to waste money on a vehicle that is less than perfect. That is especially the case when you are buying brand new. Thankfully, the right legal help will make your life easier. Those of you who live in California have the law on your side, but more about that in a moment.

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  • Research the dealer

Before you sign any contracts or hand over cash, you must go online and research the dealer. There are plenty of review websites that publish information from previous customers, and so it shouldn’t be too difficult to work out if the dealer is reputable or not. Presuming you read lots of bad reviews about the service provided, you should look for a different business from which to purchase your car.

  • Research the model

Dealers tend to have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the price of vehicles they sell. While there will be a standard list price, they can usually drive that down. Either that or they could throw in some extras for free to sweeten the deal. It’s important you know how much other dealers are charging for the vehicle if you want to make sure you don’t pay over the odds.

  • Take the car to a mechanic

Even though your model will be brand new, it’s still a good idea to take it to a trained mechanic as soon as possible. Automobile manufacturers always recall their models when they find common faults, and a decent mechanic should be able to spot any pretty quickly. Presuming you find some issues, you should try to get them repaired as soon as possible before moving onto the next step. Continue reading

Caught Drunk Driving? Here Are the Possible Consequences

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Being charged with a DUI is an event that can have a significant impact on your life. Once upon a time, driving under the influence of alcohol wasn’t as serious an offense as it is now, but things have changed, and it’s now taken very seriously. Driving when your blood alcohol content is over the legal limit could have disastrous consequences. Beyond getting caught out, your could hurt yourself and others or damage someone’s property. If you get arrested for drunk driving, the first thing you probably want to know is what could happen to you if you’re found guilty. There are a number of penalties you could face, and they all could affect your personal life.

Loss of Your Vehicle and License

One of the first things that could happen if your DUI attorney is unable to get you a “not guilty” verdict is that you could temporarily lose your car and license. Even before you go to trial, you could have your car impounded. Your license could be suspended for up to a year, with many states allowing use for work and medical purposes if your car is fitted with an ignition lock.


People convicted of a DUI offense often receive fines to pay and also have to pay the court fees they incur. These penalties can be high, and on top of them you may have to pay to attend a DUI school to help make sure you don’t commit the offense again.

Jail Time

Jail time is a possibility for a DUI conviction, even if it’s your first offense. Some states take drunk driving very seriously, so a minimum of one to three days in jail is possible.

Other Penalties

There are a number of other things that could happen if you’re found guilty. You might receive community service hours or be required to attend a drug or alcohol rehab program. Even if you have never been caught driving under the influence before, you could be convicted of a felony if you have prior convictions or if you caused an accident. You will also usually be placed on probation, which means you will serve additional jail time if you violate the terms.

Consequences in Your Personal and Professional Life

Receiving a DUI conviction could mean more than just losing some money and time. Once you have a criminal record, especially one related to driving, you could find your life changed forever. Losing your license can be an enormous inconvenience but could also lose you your job if you drive for work (for example as a delivery driver). A criminal record may also affect your ability to find and keep work if you work with vulnerable people, regardless of whether your conviction is related to the role.

Many of the consequences of a DUI charge increase substantially if you cause an accident. Of course, you could be charged with even worse crimes if anyone is injured or killed, such as vehicular manslaughter. The best course of action to avoid a DUI charge is to avoid driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But if it’s too late for that, a good DUI lawyer can defend you in your case.