Help For Your First DUI

Being arrested and then charged for a DUI (driving under the influence) offence, can be a very scary thing – especially if this is your very first DUI offence. Now, you should already be very aware of how serious your situation is right now. Awareness campaigns on television, radio even billboards have been trying to get that very message across for some time.


If you are a first time offender then could possibly be, luckily for you, some options open to you that you can take. This options can help you to lessen the penalties that you currently facing in your case. Knowing, and understanding what these are is your first step into getting things back on track after your arrest.

How to handle your very first DUI offence

The very first thing you will want to consider, is getting legal help. A DUI attorney can really help you here, especially if you don’t feel confident in tackling these options yourself.

Try and get the charge either reduced, or thrown out completely. You can take this on yourself, but help is recommended. Either way, set your stall out early. Continue reading

How to be Successful in Your Car Accident Compensation Claim

Being involved in a road accident can be one of the most difficult and stressful events you and your family ever go through. You probably want to make it easier by claiming the compensation you deserve, so read this guide.

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Recover First

As much as you might want to go ahead with the legal action and get to the bottom of what happened straight away, it’s always best to make sure you are fully fit first. Injuries sustained during a car accident obviously vary greatly. But whether your injuries are major minor, recovery time is key.

Immediately after the crash, you should get medical attention. Even if you feel fine, it might just be the adrenaline and shock masking the pain caused by your injuries. A medical professional should be given the chance examine you carefully. Then, accept the diagnosis and do as the doctor tells you in order to recover as quickly as possible.

Find a Lawyer

Choosing which lawyer to take the case forward with is a big decision and not one that should be taken lightly. You should comfortable with them on a personal level, and also confident that they have the required skills and experience to get the right outcome for you. Talk to numerous lawyers before you decide. Continue reading

What Can You Expect From Your Lawyer?

The law can be a very confusing animal, there is very little doubt about that. If you have found yourself in the position where you require the services of a solicitor, then you need to know what you should be able to expect. This is especially true if you have never been involved with a solicitor before.


What we mean here, is the communication between the client and the lawyer. If there is an issue with communication, then you are likely going to end up wondering if you have a competent lawyer or not. Whatever kind of lawyer you are working with, and this will depend on your case, there is a certain level of communication that you can reasonably expect.

This is true whether you are working with family law solicitors or a firm specializing in criminal injury. You should be given a general overview of your case, whenever you choose to ask for it. You should also be able to expect your calls and emails to be answered in a timely manner. This doesn’t mean immediately, but you should be given an explanation if it doesn’t happen inside of a day.


Not all excuses are valid, they won’t always be tied up in court, so may have cause for concern in some situations. If you find that your calls repeatedly go unanswered, or it takes a long time for questions to be addressed without reasonable explanation then there could be a problem. Your first recourse should be to try and address the communication issue with your lawyer, but if that tack fails then it may be time to seek new representation.


Lots of people are surprised to hear that not all lawyers are competent. They went to law school, right? How can they not be competent? Because the law is so complex, and so diverse, many lawyers choose to specialize – and this is where it can become an issue. If you have a family lawyer working your medical negligence case, then you are quickly going to have questions about competence.

This doesn’t mean they are bad lawyers, but you need to find the right lawyer for your needs. In addition to that, lawyers are not robots. Occasionally, mistakes can happen just as they can with anyone else in any other profession. Another thing worth keeping in mind, is that since sitting the bar exam they probably haven’t sat another test since. Continue reading

When And Why You’re Going To Need A Lawyer

You will need a lawyer many times throughout your life. They can help you buy a house, write a Will, and even settle a divorce. Without legal assistance, there is almost no chance you would win a case in a court of law. Hiring a lawyer needn’t be as tricky as it seems. First you need to know what area of the law you need help with. Here’s a quick list to get you started:

Criminal – A lawyer who specializes in criminal law is used to the process of going to court. He or she can advise you on what to expect and how to behave. Most importantly, they can present your ase and you in the very best possible light to help you win. To find a lawyer in a hurry, you could use a lawyer lookup service online. You can search by city to find one near you.

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Family – Family lawyers are very good at keeping everybody calm during tense times. Family law can include legal processes like divorce and custody cases. By their very nature, these cases are stressful and upsetting. Lawyers specializing in Family Law help both parties come to terms quickly.

Personal Injury – These lawyers are one of the most useful to have around. If you have been the victim of an accident that has caused you pain, you will need one. You could claim for loss of earnings and medical expenses if the accident was not your fault. Letting a lawyer take care of these proceedings means you can concentrate on getting back on track with your life. Continue reading

How to Take Legal Action After Being Bit by a Dog

Suffering any kind of injury is terrible, but when you’re bit by a dog, it’s often even more stressful. You need to take quick action to make sure you get the compensation you’re entitled to – here’s how.


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Identify the Dog and Owner

You can often find yourself in shock after being bit by a dog, but it’s vital to identify the dog and the owner of the dog before you get your injury taken care of. You could pull out your mobile phone and take a quick photo of the dog and its owner, that way you’ll be able to have some record of who was responsible.

Ideally, you’ll be able to talk to the owner of the dog and get their details from them. Most dog owners will be helpful, if they are, get their name, address and phone number. But if they try to disappear quickly without talking to you, take my advice and get a photo of them. Continue reading

Buying A Home? Everything You Wanted To Know About Your Legal Obligations

Buying a home for the first time might seem like a daunting task. When you start signing all the legally binding documents it can seem even more frightening. The amount of legal documentation required can vary depending on the zip or postal code of the property you are buying. But it is all there to protect you, the buyer, in this transaction. If a mortgage is involved, this can increase your legal and contractual obligations further. This is why a conveyancing solicitor or property lawyer is essential.

Most property purchases are for a standard construction building and the plot it occupies. Add outbuildings, land and shared ownership, and you may find you need to consult an expert property lawyer. Conveyancing is the process of filing and searching land records. A conveyancing solicitor will also draw up the contracts of sale. This needs to satisfy the buyers, sellers and mortgage providers. They may also facilitate the negotiations required if the parties cannot agree terms.

3You can search online for conveyancing solicitors, where you live. You can usually get a modicum of advice over the phone for general enquiries too. Usually, you will meet with your chosen lawyer or solicitor at their offices. They will ask you to confirm on the map which property you have chosen to purchase. This is done after your offer has been accepted by the vendor, and after your mortgage offer has been made.

Once you have signed the agreement with your solicitor or lawyer, it will still take several weeks for all the searches and documentation to be completed. Once you have signed the mortgage agreement, and the contract of sale, the money from the mortgage company will be transferred to your solicitor. Your lawyer will then arrange payment to the vendor. When that payment is cleared, the vendor will arrange to give you all the keys to your new property. Continue reading